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The Barbican Association was founded in 1969 as the residents’ association for the Barbican Estate which comprises approximately 2,000 homes. About 60% of residents are members. Its work is managed by volunteers through the Association’s General Council which consists of 9 elected members and one representative from each affiliated House Group.


As the recognized tenants’ association we seek to represent residents’ views to the freeholder and manager of the Estate, the City of London. There are sub-committees covering specific areas such as planning, communications and security. The Association produces two quarterly publications, the BA Newsletter and Barbican Life, both of which are delivered free of charge across the Estate.

There are many great reasons to be a member of the Barbican Association. Membership provides access to an exclusive discount scheme at local restaurants and service providers. To find out more on how to become a member, visit the Membership section of our site.

Latest Updates:

Disenfranchisement of City Residents

In April 2019 a petition, signed by over 1100 City residents, went before the Court of Common Council, expressing lack of confidence in the City’s Standards regime.

On 24 May the new chair of the Standards Committee wrote to all petitioners arguing that they had misunderstood. See her letter: A Message from the Chair of Standards Committee

On 28 May the chairs of the Barbican Association and Golden Lane Residents Association responded. See their letter:Response to chair of standards committee

Since then the Chair of the Standards Committee has sent a further  reply on 29 May: Further response from chair of standards to residents and a supportive Common Councilman has written to his fellow members on the Court of Common Council about the issue on 30 May: Email from Graeme Harrower CC 30 May

On 7 June  Mark Bostock, a councillor of Cripplegate ward, a residential ward, submitted an application for a dispensation. His request is here

On 3 July a Dispensations subcommittee refused the request. A full account of the meeting is here

See petition-front-page.pdf         For background see:




2019: Recent consultations on Transport Strategy and the Draft Local Plan

The BA has responded to the City’s Transport Strategy, a consultation on how decisions on spending the neighbourhood fund element of the Community Infrastructure Levy should be made, and on the City’s Draft Local Plan for 2036. The Local Plan is particularly important because it will set the planning regime for the next decade or so. Once it is published in the autumn it has to go to a planning inspector, so there are more opportunities to make representations then. More information on these policies is available on the City’s website

Local Plan_BA response

Transport strategy response from Barbican Association

Community Infrastructure Levy consultation

Air Quality Strategy 2019 Barbican Association response

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