This page will be used to share updates and submissions that the association has made to relevant consultations.

In Autumn 2016 the City ran several important consultations – on its noise strategy, on a review of its licensing regime, and the first stage of a consultation on its new Local Plan (the planning regime).

The BA organised a meeting of the relevant officers and local common councillors to seek some joined up thinking between these City policies. At the meeting we voiced the problems caused by noise and disturbance, particularly at night and during the evenings from bars and open roof terraces and of the wearing effects of constant construction work. In our formal responses we sought some protections for residential areas, for example no construction work on Saturdays on sites next to residential areas.

Response to Noise Strategy
Response to Licensing Review
Response to Local Plan questions

In January 2017 the BA responded to a consultation on the City’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy.
Response to Health and Wellbeing Strategy

In September 2017 the BA responded to consultations on the City’s Freight and Servicing plan (a supplementary plan to the Local Plan) and to the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy

Response to Freight and Servicing plan

Response to Mayor’s Transport Strategy

In February 2018 the BA responding to the Culture Mile Look and Feel Strategy.
Response to Culture Mile Look and Feel Strategy

In March 2018 the BA responded to the City of London’s Lighting Strategy.
Response to City’s Lighting Strategy