Cultural Hub

There have been developments on the Cultural Hub and work done on Barbican and Golden Lane strategy. The Cultural Hub is launched, named and defined geographically and by reference to ambitions, with indicators, signage and artwork in Smithfield Rotunda and Silk Street. The City plans surveys to gather responses to these temporary installations. The longer-term intentions are more ambitious and these plans will be formally consulted upon once they have been more developed and presented to relevant committees in the Autumn.

Exploratory workshops set up to develop the “look and feel” strategy for the Cultural Hub reveal that:

  • The “spine” of the cultural hub is from Farringdon Road, where the Museum of London will be, along West Smithfield, Long Lane, Beech Street, Silk Street, Ropemaker Street to Moorgate.
  • There are several “themes”:
    • Inside out (to expose aspects of cultural to the wider environment, so that people know that they are in the Cultural Hub)
    • Diversity and distinctiveness
    • An urban oasis
  • Supported by wayfinding, lighting, “place activation”, public art, street furniture,
    greening, etc.

The idea of “urban oasis” recognises that the Barbican is tranquil and suited to the needs of residents.  I suggested that it would be good if signage and lighting indicated the differences
between areas, – for example, between busy routes and contemplative ones. Related work that the City has been doing is working out a wayfinding strategy for the whole City. It is likely that it will recommend using “Legible London” signage, the system developed by London Transport and used in most London boroughs. The wayfinding group recognises that detailed mapping needs to be done on the Estate, with signage that shows people how they can navigate it.