Membership Cards update

With the ongoing COVID-19 emergency, the decision has been taken to mail all the membership cards out to everyone. In recent years we’ve delivered them all ourselves, but this year, for the safety of the deliverers, we’re just going to stick stamps to on the whole lot and post them out.

I’ve just posted Andrews House’s membership cards so, if you live in Andrews House you should be getting them on Monday or Tuesday. We’ll be doing the rest of the cards over the weekend, and into early next week, so you should be getting yours soon.

I have no idea if there is any way that you can redeem any discounts from anywhere. However, when the lockdown is over, please go out and fill you boots at all the local conveyances, discounts or no. I expect that they’ll sorely need our money to stay afloat, so you can go out spending, knowing that you’re also doing your bit to protect the future viability of local businesses.