Staying safe and sane during the Coronavirus

How much have you moved today?

How Much Have You Moved Today Booklet

This booklet, produced by Haringey Council contains 10 strength building exercises, which can be done in small spaces at home, so ideal for anyone who’s struggling to get enough activity into their days at the moment.

Help Needed?

The good people of the Barbican Estate have been very, very busy setting up a Mutual Assistance support network. Neighbours in each block have shared contact numbers and leafleted to reach out to those self-isolating and there is also a central volunteer phone you can call for help if you can’t reach your neighbours:

Volunteer Phone – 07376 068137

Barbican Estate Office Bulletin

The Barbican Estate Office send out a weekly email bulletin and recently have been sending out more frequent messages with updates related to the Coronavirus outbreak. If you’re not already signed up to receive this emails you can do so here.