Welcome to the Barbican Association

The Barbican Association was founded in 1969 as the residents’ association for the Barbican Estate which comprises approximately 2,000 homes. About 60% of residents are members. Its work is managed by volunteers through the Association’s General Council which consists of 9 elected members and one representative from each affiliated House Group.


As the recognized tenants’ association we seek to represent residents’ views to the freeholder and manager of the Estate, the City of London. There are sub-committees covering specific areas such as planning, communications and security. The Association produces two quarterly publications, the BA Newsletter and Barbican Life, both of which are delivered free of charge across the Estate.

There are many great reasons to be a member of the Barbican Association. Membership provides access to an exclusive discount scheme at local restaurants and service providers. To find out more on how to become a member, visit the Membership section of our site.

Latest Updates:

The standards regime again: This week’s Court of Common Council, on 18 June 2020, will hear a motion seeking a working party to recommend how “proceedings for breach of the Code of Conduct may be conducted without Members sitting in judgement on each other”. A similar but more wide ranging motion went before the Court in 2018 seeking a review of the standards regime. There were two parts to this: the first was to let elected representatives speak and vote on matters which affected their constituents (see the history here); the second concerned the complaints process, which has been used against councillors who have spoken out against the City. This reform has a lot of support from common councillors (59 have signed it), so it should prompt an interesting debate. The Court of Common Council meets at 1pm on Thursday 18 June. The  Standards Motion is item 11. The meeting can be watched on YouTube https://youtu.be/UQkeA7qgmWQ

Update from the BA in the time of coronavirus (27 March 2020)

The Barbican Association continues to function (as does the Residents’ Consultation Committee) during this period of lock down.

We have postponed our AGM (due on 23 April) until a to-be-determined future date. In the meantime the existing committee and elected members/officers remain in post until the AGM.

We will continue to monitor issues as they arise, though we expect the number of regular issues, such as planning and licensing, to drop off.

New membership cards are being sent out in the post very soon.

Well done to the support groups that have grown up in each house and the coordinated group across the estate. If you need informal support you should be able to access is via one of these groups.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to raise any issues.

Best wishes and stay safe

Jane Smith chairBA@btinternet.com

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