Since the formation of the Residents Consultation Committee in 2004, whose formal remit is to represent the residents in their dealings with their landlord, the RCC and the BA have agreed that the RCC will take the lead responsibility in any matters that affect residents in their relationship with their landlord. That leaves the BA to concentrate on representing residents on all other issues that affect them – planning, licensing, etc. The BA does still have role in representing residents’ views to the freeholder and manager of the estate because it is formally represented on the RCC. Both committees also have members in common, and their aim is to work together in the interests of

We are consulted by the Corporation of London on issues affecting the management of the estate. You can see some of our responses to recent consultations here. However our remit is much wider.

We aim to help preserve and improve the estate and to represent the interests of the residents. We lobby and cajole the City on how they manage the estate – and are represented on the Resident’s Consultation Committee (which has the remit of representing leaseholders’ views to the City as freeholder). We engage with the City and developers to ensure that new buildings are in keeping with the estate. We liaise with bars and restaurants to ensure that they do not cause a nuisance. We also foster and create a sense of community through the publication of a newsletter and magazine, and through a series of social events

The Constitution of the Association, agreed at the AGM in May 2004, is available here. Minutes and other related documents for our Annual General Meetings are available here.

Our financial governance principles can be found here.

The association has also prepared a useful guide for residents planning to purchase a new lease from the City.