Committees existing for ongoing issues, but they can also be set up to deal with planning and development topics and therefore exist for a period of time only.

In this section you will find links to pages for some of the committees, but please also visit the Area Development section for updates on planning items.

Below you can find the names and contacts of current committee groups.

Sub Committee Chair Barbican Address Telephone
Access and Walkways  Vacant
Arts Centre Group  Jane Smith 307 Seddon House 7628 9132
Bernard Morgan Liaison Fred Rodgers 100 Breton House 7374 4277
Culture Mile and Centre for Music
Jane Smith 307 Seddon House 7628 9132
Estate Security David Bradshaw 143 Cromwell Tower 7638 3005
London Underground Richard Collins 4 Lambert Jones Mews 07546 653009
London Wall Place 1
Helen Kay 403 Willoughby House 7638 7998
London Wall Place 2
Mary Bonar Wallside
Noise and Pollution Steve Quilter 49 Andrewes House 7496 0562
Planning and Licensing
Sue Cox
Road Traffic Adviser
Ted Reilly 192 Shakespeare Tower 7628 5377
Sustainability Adviser
Sarah Hudson 192 Shakespeare Tower 7628 5377