General Council

The Council meetings take place on Thursday evenings, starting at 7.30 pm in the Barbican Estate Office meeting room, otherwise known as Lilac Room (access via Level 02 Seddon House). There are six meetings a year, one being the Annual General Meeting. Council meetings are open to Association Members and contributions can also be made via House Group representatives.

Annual General Meeting takes place in April every year and due to capacity constraints is always held in an off-site location.

Meeting dates are available in the events calendar.

Minutes of the BAGC meetings are available here.

Elected members – and officers

Chair Adam Hogg Andrewes House
Deputy Chair Jane Smith Seddon House
Honorary secretary Christopher Makin Speed House
Elected Member David Kirkby Defoe House
Elected Member David Bradshaw Cromwell Tower
Elected Member Sandy Wilson Shakespere Tower
Elected Member Sue Cox
Elected member Randall Anderson Breton House
Treasurer Tony Swanson Lauderdale Tower
Honorary Auditor Tony Croot
Membership secretary Jim Davies Defoe House
Road Safety adviser Ted Reilly Shakespeare Tower
Editor, Newsletter Robert McKay Cromwell Tower
Editor, Barbican Life Helen Hudson John Trundle Court
Editor Emeritus, Barbican Life Lawrence Williams Brandon Mews
Webmaster Cathryn Worrell Defoe House