Concrete survey of towers

A copy of the report of survey of the concrete on the towers is attached for residents to read. Although the engineers have given a generally positive view of the state of the concrete, the costs of the survey and the remedial works (not all of which are complete) are high, and residents are questioning whether some or all of the costs should fall to the landlord. A motion to the effect that the costs should be borne by the landlord because some of the defects are structural was sent by the Cripplegate Wardmote to the Court of Common Council. Consideration of that motion has meant that the issue has been deferred from the May/June RCC and BRC meetings and will not now be discussed until September.

In the meantime the Barbican Association has set up a working party with representatives of the tower house groups to consider the report and to seek professional advice on its findings and liability for the costs. If any residents want to make any comments please do contact the tower house group chairmen or one of the other members of the working party.*

Remedial work on the concrete itself has not yet been completed because the estate office needs to apply for listed building consent and gain agreement from English Heritage for the finishing layer of the concrete. This process will take some months.

*Working party members: Jane Smith (chair BA), Randall Anderson (chair RCC), Paul Bostock (Chair Shakespeare Tower HG), Alberto Garciga (Chair Lauderdale Tower HG), John Tomlinson (Chair Cromwell Tower HG), David Bradshaw CC, Robert Barker