Crossrail will remain a significant issue for a long while and on this page we will post notes from various meetings with Crossrail, both general residents’ meetings and updates given to the Barbican Association General Council or its Crossrail subcommittee.

This is Crossrail’s own site. Its Near You facility provides local information to your postcode.

The BA’s Crossrail subgroup consists of: Jane Smith (chair, BA), Richard Collins, John Fitzpatrick, Tim Holloway.

Note of previous meetings are available below, with the most recent first

Crossrail 21 January 2015

Crossrail 9 October 2014

Crossrail 26 February 2014

Crossrail 24 September 2013

Crossrail presentation on settlement 2011 2012

Crossrail 6th July 2010

Crossrail Updates 2010 and before