Air Quality

Mapping for Change Air Quality Monitoring Project

Volunteer residents participated in an estate wide survey of Nitrogen Dioxide monitoring

Diffusion tubes to measure NO2 were installed and activated on on 53 locations on resident’s balconies or roof terraces and 13 street or Podium level locations. The tubes were changed every month and the results can be viewed here:

• Static map

On line interactive map 

• Excel spreadsheet of the data

Project Summary

Full Report

Links to other interesting sites

  • London Air Quality Network (LAQN) Residents can access air quality information from the Beech Street tunnel monitor, including current levels of PM10 particles.
  • AirText Residents can check the air quality over London on a daily basis and sign up for a free air quality alert by free app, twitter feed or text messages from twitter or email.
  • Residents can use the site to find low pollution walking routes around London.

Briefing paper on evidence to support the introduction of 20 MPH speed limit on City streets.