Advice on recycling in the estate


The Garchey System

At its meeting on Jan. 30, the RCC (the formal  consultation committee between residents and the City on the running of the Estate) agreed that residents should be balloted on the removal of the garchey units from our kitchens. The rest of the garchey system would remain (it provides rainwater drainage from our roofs, for example). The garchey system could work effectively for many years to come, but it costs nearly £200,000 per year to maintain. Removing the garchey units from kitchens would save nearly all of this sum, and over a number of years ‘pay back’ the costs of removal. Many have already been removed by residents as part of kitchen projects or just to release the space the garchey occupies. A working party spent many months assessing the project, but it is clear that much more work needs to be done to provide transparency and certainty regarding the cost implications, dealing with practical issues and legal issues. While many people would shed no tears if the garchey units were removed, and some would cheer, not many people would support removing the remaining units at any price. The costs on which we are asked to vote should either be firm figures, or there should be a second ballot once firm cost figures and other information is available to confirm that  the majority of residents are still in favour.

Notes and Q&A associated with the voting.